1700AM Radio Station

Station Overview & Tips1700AM Antenna

  • Turn to AM1700 for the latest  information. Or 
  • Local emergency radio station that provides Arlington-specific information during an incident or emergency.
  • Call 415-655-0811 to hear the same information.
  • Broadcasts are made in English and Spanish.
  • Have a battery-powered or hand-crank radio on hand so you can tune in during power outages.
  • Remember to pre-set your vehicle radio to AM1700 Arlington.

More About the Station

  • AM1700 Arlington  is similar to the radio systems used by airports to share information on parking.
  • With a single antenna and transmitter, 1700AM Arlington produces a signal capable of being received anywhere in the County
  • During power outages, AM1700 Arlington runs on a generator.
  • The station began broadcasting on October 16, 2006
  • The station equipment is located in two redundant secure locations in secure County facilities.

Arlington’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) has been worked on this project for more than two years, securing the necessary Federal Communications Commission (FCC) licenses, finding a site for the antenna, obtaining the equipment and building the infrastructure.